Case Study: Metal Halide luminaires replaced with LED Lighting

22 May 2017

In February Mainlight completed a comprehensive program of replacing Metal Halide luminaires with the latest technology LED in a industrial warehouse complex. The result is improved lux levels in key locations and energy savings that amount to almost £2,000 per year.





Metal Halide Low Bay Replaced with New LED


The existing installation consisted of 250W Metal Halide Low Bay luminaires constantly switched on during working hours. Light levels were particularly poor in the Panel Assembly area of the warehouse, while in the Racking Area of the warehouse, the aisles had low lux levels due to lamp inefficiency and poor positioning of luminaires.


The work had to be completed while the area was operational, so the programme had to be carefully planned to ensure minimum operational disruption. Regular communication was necessary with the site manager to ensure that this was achieved.


 Tyco before and after lighting

New LED Low Bay with Occupancy and Daylight Sensors


All existing Metal Halide luminaires were replaced with the latest technology LED QED luminaires incorporating individual occupancy/daylight sensors. The new luminaires were installed into strategic locations to maximise efficiency and lux levels in the aisles and Panel Assembly areas.


“The work was completed on time, and in a professional manner." said the client. "We are delighted with the improved lighting levels, as well as the energy savings achieved. In addition, we can look forward to drastically reduced maintenance costs in the future.”






Fittings 49 x 250W 24 x 75W
Annual Burning Hours(60hrs/week) 3 120 3 120
Annual Consumption 38 200kWh 17 316kWh
Average Energy Saving    £1,900






Project Outline

  • Project completed February 2017
  • Project Duration - 8 Days
  • Building Type - Warehouse


  • Improve light levels
  • Reduce energy cost

Key Achievements

  • Lux Levels significantly improved
  • Electricity Saving £1900 pa
  • Energy usage for lighting reduced by over 55% / 20,000kWh

Scope of activities

  • Installation of 49 new luminaires
  • Assessment and improvement of lux levels in key locations
  • Scheduling of works to minimise impact on normal working




10 Years Warranty

Our industry-leading, ‘fit and forget’, ten-year warranty on our LED lighting products shows they are built to last and means you can be confident after installation.
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