Case Study: LED Lighting Installation for Local Council

24 Apr 2017

Mainlight have replaced light fittings across various indoor and outdoor sites for a local borough council in the north west, resulting in energy savings of almost £80,000 per year as part of on-going efficiency drives by the council.



Stockport Councilbeforeafter




Maximised Energy Savings

Following our initial site survey into where efficiencies and savings could be made, work was carried out that saw more than 2,000 batten, panel, 2D and other light fittings replaced.

As well as replacing the old fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LED units, it was revealed that many sites were left unnecessarily illuminated at night. By incorporating sensor technologies into the LED lighting installation it allowed the Council to maximise energy savings. 

Inefficient lighting was replaced with LED equivalent fittings with either internal or standalone occupancy sensors. The fittings were individually bench tested to confirm energy savings.




Working in Partnership to Complete on Time and on Budget

The lighting scheme design called for existing lighting levels to be maintained whilst reducing both energy and maintenance costs and completed by tight time scales. By working in collaboration with the end user were able to manage the installation under what were often difficult and challenging operational conditions.

Many of the buildings works had to be scheduled on days when the sites were not open. Some sites were open 7 days per week, so the work had to be completed during the night. On other sites the work had to be carried out while the site was operational, as access outside of the operating times was impossible. The locations also included listed buildings, so extra diligence was required as work was carried out, especially in regards to flooring, ceilings, walls and other features of the building.

By working closely with the client our engineers were able to complete the works to an extremely high standard, on time and to budget.





   Project Outline

  • Lighting upgrades to a variety of buildings in multiple locations
  • Multiple lamp types and manufacturers
  • Q1 2017
  • 6 month project


  • Reduce electricity costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Key Achievements

  • Electricity Savings of £78,655 per year
  • Lights installed on time to budget without disrupting client operations
  • Worked according to listed building restrictions

Scope of activities

  • Replaced indoor and outdoor light fittings at various locations with updated occupancy sensor technology
  • Work in accordance with the clients constraints on restricted access times


FittingAverage Power Usage Tested (W)New fitting Tested (W)% Energy Saved
Single 8ft T12 Batten 117.74 38.2 68%
Twin 6ft T8 Batten 155.14 25.4 84%
4x 600x600 Mod 81.12 25.1 69%
4x 1200x600 Mod 159.91 45.5 72%
28W 2D 31.08 20.2 35%
Average Energy Saving     65%

10 Years Warranty

Our industry-leading, ‘fit and forget’, ten-year warranty on our LED lighting products shows they are built to last and means you can be confident after installation.
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