Case Study: LED Lighting Installed at Pirelli's Production Facilities

19 Apr 2017

Mainlight's lighting engineers have completed a program of replacing all twin fluorescent tube lamps with energy efficient LED linear batten lamps in two production areas at the Pirelli facility in Carlisle. As a result the tyre manufacturer is now looking to achieve significant future savings due to reduced energy usage.



 Pirelli Carlisle



New LED Lighting Battens

Our engineers replaced existing 2 x 58W fluorescent light fittings with brand new 35W QED Lighting LED batten equivalent fittings, along with a modular emergency lighting scheme where required. The work had to be scheduled on days when the site was operational, so careful planning to minimise disruption and ensure health and safety was required.

Batten Light




"Electricity and Maintenance Savings"


“Mainlight completed the works to a high standard, to budget and on time. The resultant improvement to light quality and level has been welcomed by the staff working in the areas, while the electricity and maintenance savings contribute well to the productivity initiatives we are working on at the Carlisle site”



FittingAverage Power Usage Tested (W)New fitting Tested (W)% Energy Saved
Twin 5ft T8 Batten 124 35.0 80%
Average Energy Saving Per Lamp    £66.00  





Project Outline

  • Lighting Upgrades to Production Areas at Carlisle Factory
  • Completed Q1 2017
  • 1 month project


  • Reduce electricity costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Key Achievements

  • Electricity Savings of £2,000 per year
  • Lights installed on time to budget without disrupting client operations
  • Maintenance Savings of £350 per year

Scope of activities

  • Replace indoor light fittings at various locations in the Pirelli factory, including emergency options where needed



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10 Years Warranty

Our industry-leading, ‘fit and forget’, ten-year warranty on our LED lighting products shows they are built to last and means you can be confident after installation.
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